Sunday, May 29, 2011

Family Time

Now that school is finally out for the summer I am trying to squeeze in as much family time as I can. It isn't going to be easy: Kari is going to Academic camp in a couple of weeks and will be attending ACT Prep classes much of the other weeks. Keenan is going to Governor's Scholars for 5 weeks. Glenn is doing his usual summer "get everything ready for the new year" work at school.

Knowing that everyone is so busy it makes every mooment that we have together more important. This weekend, for example, we spent a large portion of Saturday morning assembling our new gas grill.

The kids managed to get along throughout the whole process and the final result was a grill ready to be used.....

Of course, that required that we actually give it a try, right? Keenan and Glenn prepared beef and chicken kabobs, along with potatoes and corn on the cob. It was DELISH!!

Photos really don't do the food justice, but I'll tempt you with it anyway.... YUM! YUM!! (Now we just need to get a table and some chairs so we can sit outside and enjoy the food.)

Make the most of what is left of the Memorial Day weekend and try to squeeze in a few minutes with your family too. Store up some memories!

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