Monday, November 29, 2010

One of My Latest.....

I thought I would share another of my "projects" with's not a layout really.....

I work with several other GREAT teachers at school. We middle school teachers really try to stick together and be supportive of each other. One day as we sat eating lunch we got to talking.... (like we usually do)

One of them said something about their own space around and behind their teacher's desk. They even had a nickname for it, "Fortress of Solitude". That was their way of telling students that they should NOT be behind the teacher's desk. One of my fellow teachers actually said, "You know... we need to get a sign made."

To me there was only one thing that I could do.... take my stamping abilities and create signs for them. I stamped the actual slogan, "Fortress of Solitude" and used Glimmer Mist and Smooch spray to create a more "rustic" background. Then I embossed a wide strip of paper with a "brick" embossing folder and used my distress inks to color the brick wall itself. I added some black stamped "graffitti" including the year.

When I took them to school I had each teacher autograph the wall on his or her sign with his or her own name. I framed them in simple little frames. My team members were shocked that I had actually created such a thing for them and they LOVED them! The students are in shock that I could actually create something like that...LOL!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I finally took the time to sit down and get some pages finished.

Alas.......I must confess that I did not complete these pages in one sitting.

I actually started them several weeks back at a crop. They have been lieing here on my scrap table, teasing and taunting me.

I have looked at them and considered finishing them, but just couldn't find the energy, creativity, or time.

I finally decided that enough was enough... I WOULD get them finished!

This first page documents my daughter's 13th birthday. Since the cake was tie-dyed I decided to use tie-dyed looking paper and "groovy" accents.

I feel like this page still needs something, but I'm not sure what.... I did this page to tell about the gifts that my daughter and son hand-selected for each other last Christmas.