Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Recently I purchased small portable photo scanner for one specific purpose: taking it to Mom's and scanning family photos. My son and I spent a long afternoon wading through photos of ancestors who had died, ancestors he never knew, and photos of his grandparents as they grew up.

THEN we reached the can that had MY childhood photos in it. BOY! did that bring back memories. I scanned a TON of them and brought them home where I could show hubby and my daughter.

I just used one of those pics to scrapbook some things that I WISH I had known then.....

Yep! That little scrawny, freckle-faced girl is ME in first grade! Boy, have I changed! I keep wondering what I would have been like if I were in first grade NOW. (The world has changed so much and KIDS have changed so much!) That girl never saw a computer during her elementary OR high school education. She learned to type on an electric typewriter and would have had NO idea what to do with an iPod. Her proudest possession as a young teen was the little record player and the small collection of 45s. When I think about how far technology alone has advanced in my lifetime it is AMAZING!!

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  1. You haven't changed a bit, Stella! The portable scanner was genius! Have fun scanning and scrapping!!