Saturday, May 29, 2010

2 More Mini Album Pages

Let me start by offering a quick apology for not getting much scrapping done lately. I feel like I've been neglecting my hobby and my blog. BUT.......GOOD NEWS!!! School is now officially out, (at least for the students). That should give me more time to enjoy crafting.

Now......I did get a couple of pages completed for the Posh Designs challenge.


I don't do very many mini albums, but this challenge has gotten me to thinking that I should try to make some more! The sketches are so easy to use and it is so easy to actually FINISH an entire album! I'll be back next week with the next 2 pages, once the sketches are posted.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Another Contest

Any of you heard of the "Distrezz It All"? It's a brand new tool that I am just DIEING to own! It distresses the edges of almost any kind of paper much more quickly and efficiently than I ever could. I LOVE the distressed look!

Anyway, I recently discovered an online scrap store called Posh Designs. They just started a challenge that you can complete in order to be entered to possibly win one of these GLORIOUS tools! Each Monday they post 2 sketches for mini album pages. For each page you complete you are entered 1 time into the drawing. Complete all of the pages and that means 10 entries! (I have added a link to the store in my sidebar of this blog.)

Here are my first 2 pages:

Page 1 "Attitude"

Page 2 "Silly Feet"

By now, you probably figured out that my subject for my mini album is my daughter, unique creature that she is!

By the way, I'm counting 2 mini album pages as 1 full page completed, since these pages are 5 X 7 in size. That makes 2 pages almost 12X12.....

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Are You Bear-ied in Work Too???

It is that time of the school year: testing, end of the year trips, awards programs, concerts, field days, you name it! Those of us who work at school seem to be swamped with things that we have to get done within the next week or two. Just as I get one thing finished, it seems like someone puts something else on my plate.

A couple of weeks ago was Teacher's Appreciation Week at our school and, with it, we received goodies, food treats, and a great big thank you. At the same time, our poor guidance counselor sat down in her office, juggling all of the testing paperwork that was coming her way. While she enjoyed the goodies and gifts right along with us teachers, I didn't think that was sufficient. SO......tonight I fixed up a couple of cards and goodie bags: one for the guidance counselor and one for her aide.

Here's the card:

This is a "Gruffie", another great stamp from the House Mouse family of stamps. I LOVE these things! I colored it in with my Prismacolor pencils and blended with odorless spirits again.

Inside the card reads:

But now, the tests are done.
It’s time for you to sit back
and have a little fun.
Enjoy a chocolate queen-sized treat,
Soak in a tub, put up your feet,
Don’t feel neglected, Don’t be blue,
For one thing we know is true…..
To have you here, we sure are blessed!
You’ve sure earned a little rest!

The goodie bag that I fixed has bath gel, lotion, a bath puff, some scented candles, and a "Queen" Size Reese cup bar. (I took yellow paper and covered up the word "King" wherever it appearaed on the wrapper.)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Did You Think I was Gone???

It's been a few days since I posted a layout. I haven't had a lot of time to craft, because of all the "end of the school year" events. 2 more weeks to go! I don't know who is more excited, the students or the teachers....LOL!

Anyway, here is my latest layout:

This was my first attempt at the "banner" trend that is so hot right now on cards and scrapbook pages. I cut those banner flags with one of my purchases from my earned money. I stopped in at Big Lots yesterday and found a bunch of Cuttlebug and American Crafts goodies, but I only spent about $15. One of the things I got was a Cuttlebug "Harlequin" die. I used it to cut diamonds that I then cut in half to create the flags. I also have an idea in mind to use the actual diamonds on a page. Stay tuned!

As far as spending goes, I have "earned" the right to spend $40, but I've only spent about $20 of that. I'm surprised at just how GOOD I am being. I do think that this summer will be more difficult though. We will travel some and there is always a new store to shop in. Oh well, guess I better keep on scrapping!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Another Great Challenge from All About Me

I've been working on another layout for the great folks over at the "All About Me" Blog. This time we were supposed to document the "impossible dream" that we have for ourselves. Mine was easy.....I've always dreamed of someday writing a book.

By the way, if everything goes right, you should now be able to click on my photo and see the layout in more detail. (FINGERS CROSSED!)....

I really dug into my stash for this one: lots of different flowers, bling, dies, Cricut cuts, border punch..... You name it....I used it. Hope you like it!

I also finished another 2 page layout featuring some of my students from last year, but since I don't have their permission I can't post it. I CAN add it to my completed pages tally though!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Time to SHOP!!

I have "earned" the right to spend $40, but I'm trying to decide whether to spend it now or to wait until I accumulate more. I'll be in the stores tomorrow, so I think I'll wait to see what is on sale, before I actually commit.

Regardless of whether or not I spend the money now, I plan to continue with my crafting. My next set of 12 projects begins with a graduation card I have crafted for my niece. I colored in the image with my Prismacolor pencils and blended with odorless turpentine.

The robes look a bit "orangey" on the web, but they are actually red in person.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

WHoo Hoo!!!

2 more scrapbook pages finished!!

These pics are of my favorite "not so little" girl, Kari. She has developed a sudden urge to get her hands dirty by gardening, so we've decided to put out a small vegetable garden this year. (I just hope her urge to garden continues during those hot summer months!)

By the way, if any of you bloggers out there can explain to me how to post my pics so that my visitors can click on the pics and see a larger image, I would really appreciate it! I've tried all kinds of things, but I simply CANNOT figure out what I am doing wrong.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Things are Looking UP!!!

It's been a rough week, with testing starting. I came home last night with a massive stress headache. I haven't had much time to create either.


This morning I was making my daily rounds of the blogs and websites that I frequent most. I logged on to "It's All About Me" to see what the newest challenge is and I found out that I had won the marvelous kit that was being given for last month!! YIPPEE!!

My challenge to myself said that I couldn't SPEND money, but it didn't say that I couldn't be rewarded with goodies from other places!

Thanks "It's All About Me" and I'll get started on the very next challenge as soon as I get a free minute.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Teacher's Appreciation Day...

Just in case you weren't aware of it.....Teacher's Appreciation Day is this week. As a teacher, I can vouch for the fact that teachers do a LOT of work that is never notice by most people. I can also tell you that we spend a LOT of our own money on things for our classroom, so PLEASE.... if there is a teacher who touches your life, let them know that they are appreciated this week. Just send a little card, write a little note, or if you like, send them a little something to brighten their day.

As for me and my kids, we just finished making 12 cards identical to the one shown here:

Each teacher will also receive a goodie bag. This week happens to begin our statewide testing, so I plan to slip the goodie bags and cards in with their papers that they must pick up first thing tomorrow morning, just a little something to brighten the morning.

Isn't that House Mouse just adorable? I love these stamps but haven't purchased one before now because I was a bit intimidated about coloring in the images. I ended up using my Prismacolor pencils and then blending with odorless turpentine. I am rather proud of how well they turned out (and even more proud of the fact that I finished 12 more projects!!)