Saturday, May 7, 2011

Gone.... But Not Forgotten.....

To a scrapbooker, her camera is not just a thing....

It is a friend, something that is always at her side, ready to document whatever high points or low points come along.

That makes the loss of a camera a tough blow to take.

I should know. I have suffered the loss of not 1, but 2 cameras within the last year.

First there was my beloved Canon Rebel. I had paid for it in installments and purchased 2 lenses to go with it. It had been at my side for a Washington D.C. trip, St. Louis trip, and MANY family events. Then the pins in the memory card portion got bent and I decided it was more responsible to purchase a new camera, rather than pay to have it repaired.

In the meantime...........

I decided to use my old digital camera. It still functioned fairly well, though I really wasn't happy with the picture quality as it compared to my Rebel. Still it was a shock when I lost that camera too.... in a rather odd way.

I decided that it was a story that definitely needed documenting, so I created a layout to tell the story.

I will never forget this camera. It was the first digital one that I had owned. It taught me the basics of taking digital pics, uploading them to a computer, and using PhotoShop.

I WILL get another camera, of course..... I will have to. After all, I am a scrapbooker and being without a camera........ Well, it's like being without an arm or a leg.

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  1. LOVE this!! ♥ I just had a camera die and had to get a new one...I so get this! :)