Sunday, June 5, 2011

My Father, My Hero

Father's Day is coming up and I had to take a few minutes to create a layout dedicated to my very special dad. Growing up, my dad was always busy: work, church, deacon meetings. He was very dedicated to making a way for his family.

As I became a teenager and then went to college and moved out, Dad went through lots of personal turmoil. He has had several accidents. Everything from having a tractor roll over on him to falling from a church roof. Through it all Dad never gave up. When he fell from the church roof the doctor informed us that Dad would be blinded in one eye. Even that didn't slow him down, much to my surprise. Most recently, last year Dad had 4 of the fingers on his left hand cut, losing 2/3 of the pinky. After 5 hours of neurosurgery, he came home within a week and was back at work within only a few weeks.

Though I don't have many warm "fuzzy" memories of time shared with Dad, there is not doubt that he loves each and every one of our family members. That is why I dedicated this layout to My Father, My Hero.

By the way, the layout design came from my latest purchase: Allison Davis's Volume 6 of Sketches for Scrapbooking. LOVE those books! This sketch is also the sample for my One Little Word Challenge over at Challenge Masters. Be sure to come check it out!

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