Sunday, May 15, 2011

4-Ever Friendships

As a young girl, the one thing that I ALWAYS wanted but I never had was a sister. I was the oldest of three children, the other two being boys. I wanted a sister so that I would have that best friend who was always there by my side, to tell my secrets to and to share my problems with.

The next best thing would have been a BFF.... the kind that was as close as a sister could be. I never really had that either. My family moved across the state when I was in sixth grade, forcing me to leave all of the friends that I might have had during those developmental teenage years and I don't think that I ever really fit in with the other kids at school. I was just too different.

Sure, I have friends, but I don't think that any of them is a true BFF type of relationship. To see one of those, I have to look no further than Kari and her BFF, Zoey.

That photo on the far left was taken when Kari was about 3 and Zoey was probably about 5. They met then and have been inseparable since. I know that there is no one in the world who knows Kari better than Zoey does. I also know that if Zoey needs to get something off of her chest, she probably texts Zoey first. These two have that special relationship that I always dreamed of having. I like to think that it isn't too late for that type of "sisterhood" to develop, but I'm really not too confident about it.

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