Monday, January 10, 2011

It's Been Nice Knowing All of You.....

Am I going somewhere? NO.... but when my son sees this photo on the computer, I'm not sure how he will react....LOL!

First some background.... my son is a very serious, proud to be "grown up", teenager. For several years now he has not liked having photos taken, something that is rather difficult when your mother scrapbooks. He also hates costumes. I don't think he has been in one since he was 6 or 7.

In 2010 he was helping with the BETA Club Halloween dance and the candy distribution in town, so he had no choice. He HAD to have a costume! He and I went to a couple of stores and I finally convinced him to purchase this chef's costume. When the night of the candy distribution came I had to have a photo, since I knew I might not see him in a costume again. Unfortunately for him, the camera shutter did not want to close fast enough. He stood there smiling..... smiling..... smiling..... until finally the shutter closed.

When this photo came up in my camera's view window I knew that I couldn't delete it. It was just too funny!

The layout was a natural for some old Basic Grey "Color Me Silly" papers that I found in my stash. I used another Page Maps 2 sketch as inspiration. I am LOVING those sketches!

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  1. Stella this is PRICELESS! I LOVE it!!!
    Have a GREAT day!