Monday, January 24, 2011

Be Happy!!!

Everyone has to find something in the world that makes him or her happy.... you know, that little piece of chocolate cake, that special shopping trip to purchase that little splurge, a night out on the town. Well, one of the things that makes me most happy is, of course, scrapbooking, but it also brings me great pleasure when I see other people being happy.

As a mother, I spend a lot of time trying to make my children happy. Keenan has always been a bit of an enigma to me. He was a serious child, and now is a serious teen. Even when we go on vacation it seems difficult for him to just relax and enjoy the moment. When I saw this photo posted on Facebook by one of Keenan's classmates I HAD to scrap it! I love that smile that I see on his face, that uninhibited look of enjoyment! I only wish that I could see it more often!

My challenge to you today is to do something JUST FOR THE FUN OF IT!! It doesn't have to be a big something, just do something to BE HAPPY!! I would love for you to post a comment back here, telling me what you do, so that we can all share in your happiness.

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