Sunday, December 5, 2010

Snow in Kentucky means 2 things........

1. A snow day....
2. Scrap time!!!

The snow actually came on a weekend this time, so number 1 (a snow day) didn't happen, but I DID get time to scrap yesterday.

This page came together very easily. I will admit that I used a sketch, so the design part was fairly simple. The fun was in picking through my supplies and deciding what to use. (That always has been my favorite part of this hobby.)

I've also been busy creating things for Christmas: cards, sock cupcakes, gifts for others.

I've really missed crafting, cutting, and scrapping. Life has just been so uncooperative of late. Deep down in my heart, I know that if I'm to find the time to relax and enjoy my hobby it is up to me MAKE the time. I suppose I just need to think about it more and determine HOW.

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