Friday, December 24, 2010

Look Out World!!

There's a new student driver!

Keenan got his permit the day before Thanksgiving. Of course, with all of the snow and ice he hasn't gotten much practice yet. He's hoping that the weather clears so he can get more time on the road.

See that key? It's one of those "blanks" that you get sometimes, inviting you to come in for a car giveaway. You know... the ones that never open the car??? LOL! Keenan kept this key from some mail that we had gotten a while back. While I was working on the page I said, "I wish I had a car key." He said, "Wait just a minute," and went to his room, coming back with this key. He laughed and said, "I thought you might be able to use it for something at some point."

Boy do my kids know me!

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