Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I Really Struggle....

with Christmas pages!

They all seem to be so similar: photos of recipients with their gifts, red and green, Christmas tree, same old same old....over and over. If any of you have any great ideas for making my Christmas pages a little bit easier to scrap I sure would appreciate it! Just leave a comment for me telling me what you do to make yours more creative.

For now.... here's my latest Christmas page:

That's my son with some of his Christmas gifts from last year. I know that some of the photos are the greatest, but I really wanted to document his first year of "choosing" his own gifts.

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  1. Sometimes I'll look for Christmas papers that have other nontraditional holiday colors. I found some from Fancy Pants that had pink in them. I wasn't sure I'd use them, but I did. I created a layout in which Marley had on her pink Christmas pajamas and it turned out so cute! So, try tossing in some nontraditional Christmas colors to spice up your Christmas pages. It worked for me!