Monday, April 26, 2010

Whoo Hoo! Three more pages done!

Before I post the pics of these layouts, let me explain a couple of things:

1. I have blurred the faces of any of the students in the pics other than my own child. I didn't know if they would want their face posted online or not. I figure you can still see the basic page anyway.

2. These are very SIMPLE pages, but they are done. I'm doing a little project at school where I'm going to be assisting some brand new scrapbooking adults create a special album for someone. My plan of attack is to take 3 or 4 sketches with me and show them how they can use the sketch and create different looks, simply by rotating it. These are 2 of my "Sample" pages. I used the same basic sketch, but I rotated one of the pages and turned it into a 2 page spread.

This page has some pics that I just came across from my daughter's 5th grade dance. These kids are now in my 8th grade class! I'm going to have to take this page to school to show it to some of them.

This 2 page spread has pics from my daughter's Christmas play this year. That's her on the end with the "black eye". She was playing Grandma, who had gotten run over by Santa's reindeer. The play was SO FUNNY!

Well, let's see what the grand total is: 4 scrapbook pages and 3 cards. That means I need to get just 5 more pages done and I can go shopping to spend that first $20, if I would like. Then again, I may just hold out until I hit the $40 mark....LOL!


  1. Cute layouts.
    These are perfect as they look really good but seem simple to a beginner. Good choice

  2. Stella both of these are FANTASTIC!!! Hope you hit that $20 mark soon! :)
    Have a GREAT day!