Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I LOVE a good challenge!!

As a scrapbooker, I love to find a good challenge. I am members of several different forums and boards and I'm always on the lookout for another group that sparks my creative juices. Recently I found my way to the "All About Me Challenge". They have a remarkable designer team and I have found myself jumping right into their challenges.

The last challenge posted on the blog asked us to look at our world from a different angle. When I read this, I knew EXACTLY what I wanted a photo of- all of the students rushing through the hallways at school, BUT, I didn't want their faces; I wanted a shot of their feet in motion.

You should have heard the comments: "Why is Mrs. Baker in the floor?", "Why are you taking a picture of our feet?", and even, "Did you drop your camera?" Regardless of how silly I looked, I kept right on snapping and I think that I got a really good pic!

Next was the title: Ask any teacher what middle school lis like two weeks before state mandated testing and you will likely get an answer similar to the title of my layout.

My journaling reads:
Teaching at a middle school, things are always kind of wild, but the last 2 full weeks before testing, the whole place is a ZOO! Teachers trying to squeeze in one more unit, students who are exhausted, and administrators urging everyone to be productive. Everyone seems to move at a faster pace, and the bell at 3:15 brings a sigh of relief that the walls almost echo.


  1. Stella I'm so glad you found us at AAM! Love this layout and your world from a different view. So creative and as a former teacher, I remember this time of year very well too!!