Sunday, April 18, 2010


If you are a dedicated scrapper and crafter, like I am, then you, no doubt, have stacks and stacks of paper, jars full of buttons, and a closet full of embellishments, all of which you PROMISE you will use some day. If you're like me, you probably also have noticed that your "STASH" is growing and the production count of scrapbook pages is DOWN. That is why I have created this blog.

It is my hope that this blog will help provide me with some public accountability. Maybe if I have to admit publically that I'm purchasing more and using less that will help push me to create and use my stash a bit more.

My plan is to set myself a goal: Scrapbook or craft "x" number of items or pages before I allow myself to purchase more. I haven't quite decided what that particular number is, but I'm happy to take suggestions. I'll post the finished projects here so that people can give me that pat on the back for using my old stuff and I, hopefully, will be encouraged to stick with it.

I LOVE Scrapbooking and crafting. (Just ask my sweet hubby and kids where I disappear to....It's always MY room.) It provides me therapy and an escape from the drudgeries of everyday life, BUT lately I'm feeling guilty about the money that is just lieing around on shelves and in boxes in my room. If I can start using some of it, I think my BLISS in my hobby will be restored.

Before I leave, I would like to issue an invitation to all of you out there who, like me, find themselves with a nice inventory of papers and scrapbooking supplies, but little productivity. Feel free to join in with me. Just post your goal here on this thread. Maybe we can encourage each other.


  1. This is a great idea Stella!!!!!

  2. Well I just purchased new product, so I've already broken the rule:)
    I'll join you, but I'll have to come up with a suitable number-12 layouts are a lot to accomplish.

  3. My goal is to use only product that I have right now until summer CHA!
    Good luck to US!

  4. I was hoping to get a layout done a month. I know that sounds VERY doable. But it takes me a whole night to pick out my papers.
    I guess its never to late to start. I have done some mini books and crafts does that count?