Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Boy is Back in Town.....

Can you hear me singing???

Can you tell that I am HAPPY!!!!!

We went to Danville yesterday and picked Keenan up from Governor's Scholars, where he had been for 5 full weeks. It seems like FOREVER for me......

He had a GREAT time and has matured a lot.

While he was gone we did a bit of shopping.....

Right before he left, Keenan took his driver's test and got his license. Of course we started talking "car". We weren't really sure when we would be able to purchase one for him, but we knew that he would need one to get back and forth to evening college classes during his senior year.

Glenn got what he considered a good deal and we were able to purchase Keenan's dream car: red Nissan Altima 2 door coupe. It was hard, but we kept the purchase a secret from Keenan for almost a full month. When we left home yesterday we decorated the car with beautiful bow.

As we neared home, Glenn handed Keenan 3 cards. He opened the first one to discover a birthday card, to which Keenan said, "Why are you giving me birthday stuff already?" He opened the second one to discover a Christmas card. After a few seconds it kind of sank in that he had a BIG gift waiting and he kind of knew what that meant. After the 3rd card which was a graduation card, Glenn presented the small gift box with the key inside. The look on Keenan's face was simply priceless, but his face when he finally made it home and sat in his car for the first time was even better.

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