Saturday, April 16, 2011

My Girl....

I haven't gotten to do much scrapping lately.
When I did finally get to sit down and work on a challenge or two I had to scrap pics of "my girl" Kari.

She's had kind of a rough week. She fell twice this week at track, the second time while doing hurdles at a meet. Both falls injured her left wrist. It was still sore on Friday, so Glenn took her to the doctor to get it x-rayed. Thankfully, it's only a sprain. She has to keep it wrapped for 3 or 4 days. She's really missing doing hurdles and the relay.....

As for the layout....

This page was for another challenge over at Challenge Masters. We were supposed to use words from the "Easter Parade" song as part of the title. I LOVE this pic of Kari. I snapped it when she was all dressed up for the spring dance.


  1. Beautiful layout and a beautiful subject.

  2. Very pretty! I love the ribbon!