Saturday, July 19, 2014

Challenge Accepted!

I love challenges! They really inspire me to put my creative juices into action and try something new.

Early in July, my buddies over at Scrappin Mojo posted their monthly challenges. One of the gals, Mary, decided to try something different. Instead of giving us a sketch to create a card, tag, or layout, she asked us to create our own sketch and then use it to create a finished piece.

All month long I have been racking my brain trying to come up with something a little different. I kept envisioning stacked circles of different colors, each one cut in half and stacked with varied colors on top of one another.

After weeks of experimentation I finally came up with the following sketch: (Please ignore the wavy lines. I was trying to use the Paint program to create my semi-circle from a complete circle and I'm just not great with digital art- LOL!)

The neat thing about this sketch is that I had to actually cut 4 circles: 2 of the larger size and 2 of the smaller size. When I cut them in half I had enough pieces to create 2 complete elements for the center of my card, so I was able to easily create 2 cards instead of just one.

Here's my finished card...... OOPS..... cards....

I would love to see what you create using this original sketch. If it inspires you, please leave a comment, photo, or link to your finished project.

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