Thursday, May 20, 2010

Are You Bear-ied in Work Too???

It is that time of the school year: testing, end of the year trips, awards programs, concerts, field days, you name it! Those of us who work at school seem to be swamped with things that we have to get done within the next week or two. Just as I get one thing finished, it seems like someone puts something else on my plate.

A couple of weeks ago was Teacher's Appreciation Week at our school and, with it, we received goodies, food treats, and a great big thank you. At the same time, our poor guidance counselor sat down in her office, juggling all of the testing paperwork that was coming her way. While she enjoyed the goodies and gifts right along with us teachers, I didn't think that was sufficient. SO......tonight I fixed up a couple of cards and goodie bags: one for the guidance counselor and one for her aide.

Here's the card:

This is a "Gruffie", another great stamp from the House Mouse family of stamps. I LOVE these things! I colored it in with my Prismacolor pencils and blended with odorless spirits again.

Inside the card reads:

But now, the tests are done.
It’s time for you to sit back
and have a little fun.
Enjoy a chocolate queen-sized treat,
Soak in a tub, put up your feet,
Don’t feel neglected, Don’t be blue,
For one thing we know is true…..
To have you here, we sure are blessed!
You’ve sure earned a little rest!

The goodie bag that I fixed has bath gel, lotion, a bath puff, some scented candles, and a "Queen" Size Reese cup bar. (I took yellow paper and covered up the word "King" wherever it appearaed on the wrapper.)